Premier League Ends Tomorrow!

Welcome back to another #SoccerSaturday

The final week of the English Premier League is here and bringing lots to talk about!

With many teams conducting their last practices of the 2019-2020 season, there will be plenty to follow from this week. Lets dig into the action:

Fight for UEFA Champions League Qualification!

Champions League results and standings | Sports| German football ...

The fight for the top 3rd and 4th spot will be on its last round this weekend with most of the matches taking place tomorrow, Sunday July 26th. In a very dramatic fashion, Leicester City will face at home a very hungry Manchester United which as gone unbeaten since the reopening of the league.

Premier League standings of the restart (after 8 games for all teams)

1. Manchester City – 18 points (+22 GD)
2. Manchester United – 18 points, +14
3. Tottenham – 17 points, +7
4. Wolves – 16 points, +6
5. Southampton – 15 points, +6
6. Chelsea – 15 points, +1
7. Burnley – 15 points, 0
8. Liverpool – 14 points, +5
9. Arsenal – 13 points, +6
10. Everton – 12 points, -1.

So, what case scenarios are there for the 3rd and 4th spot fight? Well! For starters, Leicester City is forced to win against Manchester United and it will need to be a good blowout win in order for them to safely secure the 3rd spot should Chelsea ended in a tie tomorrow against Wolves, which can very well happen as Wolves has been very good as of late.

Manchester United needs a tie or a win in order to classify and same goes for Chelsea. What else is there to happen after the season ends?

Transfer 2020-2021 Season!!

Premier League transfer window given closing deadline by UEFA ...

Here is where I get extremely excited as lots of potential transactions are due to happen, creating an even more competitive environment for next year’s season. What are some of those potential transactions?

  • Manchester United: Expected to be invest a lot this offseason with potential like Kingsley Coman from Bayern Munich or Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund. They will also be eyeing Jan Oblak as a replacement for David De Gea should the spaniard decide to leave this year.
  • Arsenal FC: Expected to target new wonder-kid Joelson Fernandes who is expected to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Liverpool FC: Liverpool needs to find potential replacement targets should Mohamed Salah consider exit from Anfield and potential join Real Madrid who is currently on the hunt for his talent.
  • Tottenham, Everton, Chelsea: Although these teams are working with smaller budgets this year, they will still take place in some transactions that could bring lots of excitement to their clubs and potential upgrades as well.

And Lastly! THE FANS!!

English Premier League: Fans Take a Stand in England - WSJ

While the English Premier League continues to look at its contingency plans during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is possible that the league may have the fans back in the stadiums next season. As England continues to tighten their reopening plans, there are talks across England that clubs are looking at bringing the fans back even if its at 40% capacity and in some cases, 50% depending on the size of the stadium. While there are lots of speculations, one can only hope this happens but keeping priority one being the health of the players and staff in primal conditions.

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