Pick Three: Patriots Super Bowl Moments Edition

Welcome to another Saturday edition of “Pick Three”! You know the deal by now. Nine choices and only three can make the cut. This week, I’m throwing it back to the good times. We’re talking Patriots Super Bowl moments, baby!

It’s always fun to reminisce in the past. So we’re doing it again today. So here we go with the “Pick Three” Patriots Super Bowl moment edition.

Adam Vinatieri Super Bowl 36 Game Winner: IN

Every Patriots fan remembers where they were during this moment. Years of misery finally erased as Adam Vinatieri boots a 48 yard field goal right through the uprights. This got the tradition of winning Super Bowls started. Keep in mind, Tom Brady had to drive them down the field with 1:21 remaining. But it all came down to Vinatieri and he came through big time. I’ll always value this moment as a little kid as it also got winning in Boston/New England started in the 21st century. This is a DEFINITE IN for me.

Ty Law Super Bowl 36 Interception: Honorable Mention

This was tough for me to drop to the honorable mention category. I love Ty Law. He was one of the best to wear #24 in New England. Picking off Kurt Warner in Super Bowl XXXVI and taking it back for a touchdown kick started the scoring for the Patriots. You could argue that Vinatieri doesn’t get his moment without this touchdown from Law. Again, love Ty Law; but had to keep him out of the top three.

Adam Viniatieri Super Bowl 38 Game Winner: OUT

This is another great moment in Patriots history. Adam Vinatieri came through AGAIN with a huge end of the Super Bowl kick. For me, it just doesn’t come up as an all-time moment for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad Adam Vinatieri made another big time kick to give the Patriots two Super Bowls in three seasons. But, a few tough choices have to be completely OUT on this list. This just happens to be one of those moments.

Mike Vrabel Super Bowl 39 Touchdown: OUT

(Fast Forward to 2:45)

It’s a cool moment when a defensive player scores a touchdown on offense. Mike Vrabel was versatile enough to come in on offense and catch a few passes. This was a tough catch, don’t get it twisted. But it doesn’t stand out as a “WOW, HOLY SMOKES!” type of moment. So for me, the Vrabel Super Bowl XXXIX catch is OUT.

Malcolm Butler Super Bowl 49 Interception: IN

This one is obvious, right? Saves the Super Bowl, starts another dynasty with three Super Bowls in five seasons, what more do you need? We know the story of Malcolm Butler, undrafted out of West Alabama and had a fluke play happen to him several plays earlier. If this one doesn’t make every Patriots fans list, then there’s something wrong here.

Julian Edelman Super Bowl 49 Touchdown: Honorable Mention

You could argue what I said earlier with this one. Edelman made a nice play at the goal line and Brady found him easily to take the lead in Super Bowl XLIX. But you have to realize something here. The bigger the play, the better chance it has to make one of these lists. Edelman has had his fair share of catches. This one was just a regular catch, nothing special. Sure, it gave the Patriots the lead. But the catch itself was fairly easy.

Julian Edelman Super Bowl 51 Catch: Honorable Mention

I hate to not have a Julian Edelman moment in the IN category. This catch was bananas at the time. Honestly out of all of these moments, this is #4 on my list. The Patriots FINALLY caught a break in a Super Bowl. Especially after having the Julio Jones grab almost cost them the comeback, it was nice for this one to go in the Patriots favor. It was extremely tough to put this one in the honorable mention category.

Dont’a Hightower Super Bowl 51 Forced Fumble: IN

This moment for me is special and here’s why. Look at the clock when the play pans out. There’s 8:32 left and the Patriots are still down 16. If the Falcons get a first down here, they can run down the clock and make it essentially impossible for the Patriots. Thank God for Dont’a Hightower and the missed block by Devonta Freeman. This play changed the momentum of the game and swung it vastly in the Patriots favor. Even if this play is made in Atlanta territory, that’s more time off the clock and more of an obstacle for the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski Super Bowl 53 Catch: OUT

It’s a nice story, a touching way to end his (Patriots) career. Maybe because Gronk recently went to the Bucs, there’s a little bias in this one. But I’m WAY OUT on this moment. It set up the only touchdown of the game, rushed in by Sony Michel. But guess what? This is another moment where it’s fine, but not a *WOW* type of deal. It was frankly a boring Super Bowl to watch. Obviously I’ll take it. But the Gronk catch can’t match up to the magnitude of the others listed above.

In Conclusion

There you have it, Pats fans. The Vinatieri Super Bowl 36 kick, Butler Super Bowl 49 interception, and Hightower Super Bowl 51 strip sack are the top three for me. What are yours? Feel free to tweet at me or the Couch Guy Sports account, @CouchGuySports, with your list. Let’s get a little crazy with it. Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay safe!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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