Phil Mickelson Aims For Glory at PGA Championship!

Sunday afternoon and the final round of the PGA Championship are here!

For the final round and the last group of the PGA major, it is the Lefty’s going last. The final round though brings a sensational group that has put out some excellent performances from people like PGA Championship pick Brooks Koepka, and even some sleeper picks like Abraham Ancer and Hideki Matsuyama.

Mickelson enters Sunday at a -7 after three rounds at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, so the question is, will he capture the moment?

Phil Mickelson Glory Approaching….

Phil is entering this final day in prime fashion. After a phenomenal display of his talent during these past three rounds, Mickelson is that much closer to making history.

He’s played so far in his typical bravado and flair fashion, showing why he is one of the games’ greatest! Yesterday in example, his brilliancy was shown in full throttle after an amazing wedge shot in the 18th hole. In the case you missed it, allow me to share with you this beauty:

If anything, this PGA Championship has elevated Phil’s legacy further. The passion and magically driven performance from Phil has many fully inspired to push to another level, and you know that somewhere in California, Tiger Woods is watching this and grinding to get back and push the envelop even further. We all know very well how fun it’s been to watch Phil vs. Tiger for many years and to see Phil at the age of 50 still displaying this madness, it is just pure brilliance.

A Legacy on the line – Final Round!

Expect many at about 2:30PM EST to be glued to their TV watching this showdown and rightfully so!

Many experts of the game felt worried about choosing Brooks Koepka as one of the ones to win this years’ PGA Championship. The fear really stemming from a physical aspect of things as Brooks continues to recover from a nagging knee surgery that brought him a horrible outing at the 2021 Masters. However, nobody really had in mind that Phil Mickelson would display this level of greatness at this stage.

Brooks is currently in second place behind Phil at -6. What is even more interesting is the likes of the South African, Louis Oosthuizen riding behind the two at -5. So as the last pairing walk into this final round, will either two cling onto the Wannamaker trophy or will it be a hungry Oosthuizen craving his time at the top?

For Phil, it is extremely important to keep his calm and momentum going. Seeing how close all top 3 are currently, it would be a devastating blow for Phil to blow it all away on the final round. However, if there is anyone that can be inspirational or just fun to watch all in all, it is definitely no other than you, Phil! As long as his mindset is all in just having fun out there tonight, I can’t wait for the notification on my phone to pop up saying you won this b***h!

Predicting the Outcome!

Personally, I have to give it to Brooks Koepka for such an amazing and gutsy performance. I have been a fan of Brooks way before he won the PGA Championship at Shinnecock, is style of play and that tough driven mindset he carries is just all the more reasons to respect him.

Then I look at the leaderboard and think of just how good and bold both Louis Oosthuizen and Phil Mickelson have been, and it is just rough to determine who I want to win most. If you have known me by now, you know I am huge sucker for underdog stories or the unexpected outcome. For a underdog story ending, yes I would absolutely love Louis Oosthuizen to win this thing and bring his name to a rightfully deserving glory. However, for an unexpected outcome? I’m sorry Louis, but just the thought of wondering how Tiger Woods must be grinding to comeback and put on another Tiger vs. Phil showdown? Oh goodie, I personally would love for Phil to make history and prove everyone wrong! With that said, get it Phil!!!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter). 


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