People Are Still Not Forgiving Logan Paul

BBC radio is gearing up to launch an interview between YouTube Stars Logan Paul and KSI. The interview is being conducted to promote the boxing match between the two personalities. However, listeners of the popular radio station are still not happy about Logan Pauls “suicide forest” video that went viral last January. If you don’t know what I am referring to, read my post from the day it occurred by clicking here Logan Paul Suicide Forest.

I usually don’t care about this kind of stuff, but this is an interesting subject. What Logan Paul did last Winter in Japan was not right. He should have never filmed that day and should have put the camera down. However, after he released that video, Logan Paul disappeared for a while. He worked on himself and took time off to reflect on everything that happened. I believe he has learned from the situation and it really changed his entire life. So many kids and young adults look up to Logan Paul as a role model and even as a hero.

Now I am still not the biggest fan of Logan Paul, but the listeners of BBC Radio should not be angry. If you are angry, then don’t tune in. Trust me, you will not miss much by not tunning in. Let the guy have his fun and promote the fight.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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