Bruins Trade Target: Artemi Panarin

Artemi Panarin wants out of Columbus and he wants out by September 14th, the day training camps open across the NHL. Panarin is looking to play in a bigger market and live in a bigger city. Well I’m thinking Boston would qualify as a bigger market and a bigger city, so should the Bruins look to get him?

Panarin has been a monster in the league for three seasons now and he has certainly proved that playing alongside Patty Kane wasn’t the reason he was so deadly. Panarin has racked up 233 points in just 243 games. He’s a right shot but he’s accustomed to playing the left wing. He has played right wing in his career which is what the Bruins would need him to do. So what would it take?

The Blue Jackets aren’t looking for future assets they are looking for players who are ready to be NHL regulars or players that already are.  Replacing the offense lost by Panarin wouldn’t be an easy task for the Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets are in a tough spot trading him too since he will be a UFA after next season so most teams won’t be willing to dish out as big of a package for him. The Bruins have the pieces to acquire him so they should jump at the chance to add this stud.

Well the Bruins have some young NHL ready forwards to offer and an excess of defenseman. Looking at that it might take a solid forward like Heinen partnered with a decent defenseman like Miller. A bunch of different scenarios could work here a great forward (Donato) and a mediocre d-man(McQuiad) or a great d-man(Krug) and a mediocre forward (Acciari). No matter what the Bruins should be making calls on Panarin, he would be a tremendous addition to a Bruins team that is in a win-now mode with many of their players in their primes.

That being said if Panarin is moved and he doesn’t sign a contract extension wherever he ends up the Bruins should look to sign him next summer, they certainly have the cap space to pay Panarin but they’d probably have to move some contracts out to make it easier. But I’ll keep looking forward to September 13th and hope that Panarin finds his way to Boston.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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