People Are Rattled Thinking Geno Smith Called Tails Last Night and in Turn, I Am Too Now Rattled

Monday Night Football went to overtime last night in one of the best games of the year. I think it’s getting a little too much hype but the 49ers vs the Seahawks ended up being a damn good game. It went to overtime because kickers have gone extinct in this league and the Seahawks, because they were away, got to call the coin in the air. And boy oh BOY do we got ourselves a good ol’ Twitter debate on our hands. Blue dress, gold dress. Yanny vs Laurel. We know the classics. And today? It’s literally Geno Smith saying heads or tails.

We’re going to sit here and not acknowledge that you can trick yourself into thinking that you hear both? PEOPLE, THIS IS THE GOD DAMN INTERNET. We’ve seen this before with the examples I mentioned above. Your brain doesn’t know what the hell’s going on. We talk, talk, talk about how our brains just know things when in reality, I’m convinced they’re pretty stupid.

How can a brain be so smart when you can make it think it’s hearing something completely different? You ever think about that? No, because your brain doesn’t want you to know that it’s one big fraud.

But in reality, he said heads. Think about this entire situation step by step. If Geno Smith called tails and the ref then chose heads for him subsequently giving the Seahawks the win on the coin toss, don’t you think Richard Sherman of all people would say something? Are we forgetting who Richard Sherman is? And Geno Smith didn’t have the slightest bit of an, “oh damn” reaction when the ref gave him the win on the coin toss.

Look, the internet, it’s dumb. We know that. We’re out here battling the dummies of the World Wide Web every single day but I am actually shocked that people refuse to hear Smith call heads.

How about we just start a campaign saying that we have proof the ref had the Seahawks Moneyline and that’s why he gave them the ball and Sherman was in on it all along? He’s gotta feed his kids.

The campaign is going to show why gambling being legalized federally is a terrible, terrible thing. Just like marijuana. We knew something like this would happen. And now we have refs on national TV fixing games right in front of our eyes. You’d think they’d try to hide it a little more, huh?

Pitty. But if you can’t hear “heads”, get your brain fixed, narc.

Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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