Paul George Has Been Very Bad At Basketball

Where is Playoff P? I thought this man was supposed to get better in the playoffs?

Playoff P’s percentages have been putrid. My guy is shooting bricks for days.

Where is the hero we were promised?

Wanted: A #2 For A Superstar

Paul George was literally brought to LA for this.

The reigning Finals MVP, the Claw himself, called out to Paul in the darkness.

“Join me in LA,” he said. “Together we can rule the NBA forever, he called wistfully into the LA night.”

PG-13 answered, we thought, but apparently he went missing. Who is this mans?

Kawhi got butterflies when his Superfriend came to join him. Now he only gets bricks.

Building a Palace

Paul is building a masterpiece of poor shooting.

We rarely get to see this combination of poor % and volume. It’s like late era Kobe plus a few inches and less snarling.

Paul, we already knew, was a second banana type, which is fine.

However, the second banana has to make the shots created for them by the first banana.

Right now, Luka has taken the bananas and eaten them, kind of like this guy.

Stop Taking Jump Shots

George was in the running for MVP not too long ago. What the heck happened?

It really is all in his head. You can tell because PG is now a jump shooter. This guy is built like a freight train that can jump over another freight train, and he is taking jump shots.

Paul, buddy, run over the guy guarding you and get to the lane. Finish or get fouled, take your free throws, and the rhythm will come back that way. It inst rocket science.

People have slumps all the time and everyone knows that is how you get out of it. With Paul’s physical gifts, it shouldn’t be an issue to do this.

Even if the scoring totals are down, get efficient shots, play rugged defense, and make the right basketball play. Luckily, this Clippers team is deep enough around him to make up the offense via Lou Will etc.

Can the Clips Win Without Playoff P?

Luka will not have a GOAT night every night. Trey Burke won’t have the best game of his career every night.

Even without Paul being himself, the Clippers will win this series. There is too much talent and they are too deep.

George could make it easier, though.

The Clippers cannot win the title without PG slipping out of his shooting funk.

Please, wake up Playoff-P!

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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