Patriots Vs. Saints Preview

Its time for a Patriots Vs. Saints Preview as week 3 rolls in.

Mac Jones prepares for his 3rd start this week after a victory against the Jets in week 2, and he has to prepare for a mean defense in the Saints. He’s proved that he can manage a game, but this may be a game he needs to keep up in. Jameis had a huge week 1, and the opposite in week 2. Mac Jones has remained consistent, but we are waiting for them to take the training wheels off of this offense.

Damien Harris has been an absolute workhorse for this team so far. He will most likely retain that role going into week 3, although he is dealing with a finger issue. I would be surprised if it kept him out of the game, but it may lead us to see more of the other backs. Rhamondre Stevenson is in fumble jail, so we may see some JJ Taylor and Brandon Bolden in the mix.

Depending on how well Jameis fairs against this defense, the Pats may need to use Mac in the passing game to keep pace. He has proved he can manage a game, but can he be a deciding factor? He has the weapons around him to do so. This conservative offense has left us wondering how these pieces will fit in. We haven’t seen these tight ends used to their full potential yet, and they could really open up this offense. His main targets seem to be James White and Jakobi Meyers to this point. I would also love to see Kendrick Bourne worked into this offense a little more as well. He feels like a great fit in this offense, and could be a real threat.

Players to Watch: Patriots vs. Saints

This Patriots defense should feast on a QB like Jameis Winston who loves making mistakes. It should be another turnover city like with Zach Wilson last week. Jameis did really open up the offense week 1, but reverted back to his old self last week. The key to this game will of course be Alvin Kamara. He isn’t easy to stop in any facet of the game, and he can really play any position on the field. There’s really no stopping him, but containing him is important.

Patriots vs Saints: Week 3 NFL preview

This might be the most legit opponent to this point. Sean Payton is no joke of a coach and Bill knows that. However, this is both of their test to see if they can survive without their long term QB. Pats will prevail 31-27.

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