Patriots V.S. Redskins Preview

4-0 and looking for more as the Pats head into D.C. for a week 5 matchup with the Redskins. These two teams have not met often but I honestly don’t think I’ve seen the Redskins compete with the Pats in my life span. It has just seemed like constant blowouts, especially every since Dan Snyder took over as the owner in Washington. This should just add another one of those games to this list.

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This Redskins team has been so bad on both sides of the ball. This is the perfect pick me up game for Brady and the offense after a game against a very tough Bills defense. This might be a good game to get Sony Michel going. The Redskins have had a relatively weak defensive line, that has a lot of young talent that just can’t stay healthy. They have allowed almost 600 rushing yards in 4 games, and that should be a perfect opportunity for a struggling Patriots O-line to get going. This should be a game where Dorsett gets back to what he’s been as well. It is also a good refresher game for Ben Watson in his first start back in a Patriots uniform. This will be another shove it down their throats game by the offense.

The defense might be a little flustered by Jay Gruden’s “I don’t know who’s playing QB” approach. Just kidding, no matter who plays I don’t think they scare Devin McCourty and the boys too much. McCourty might honestly go 5 straight weeks with an interception. I don’t know what the record is, but he has to be closing in on it. If Haskins starts, he just loves to sling the ball erratically, so that should give D-Mac that chance. Even if its Keenum, or maybe even Colt McCoy, neither have the ability to make a difference against this defense. They just cannot let up and let the RB combination of Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson beat them. It is a very underrated duo that have a lot of talent to go around. They also can’t fall asleep and let a burner like Terry McLaurin get behind them. If their pass rush plays like it has, they should be all over the Redskins QB, whoever that may be, espeically with no Trent Williams on that offensive line.

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This should be another game that is over after 3 drives. I’m going Pats 41-10.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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