Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 127: Tom Brady Needs MORE | Mookie Betts As Good As Gone | Bruins Season Preview W/ Evan Marinofsky

Nick Quaglia is back with Jared Scali this week after a battle with salmonella poisoning the week before… Brutal.

The guys are getting gassed up for hockey season and they brought in special guest Evan Marinofsky to preview the Bruins season. They dropped game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final last year. Is that going to have any effect on how they start off the 2019 campaign?

And people are already going nuts over Tom Brady’s struggle against the Bills defense. Instead of, you know, giving credit to the Bills play, now people want Bill Belichick to go out and get TB12 another solid target to throw to. But does the team even need one?

Finally, the Red Sox season is over and we’re in store for what should be a wild offseason. The rumors are flying surrounding Mookie Betts. Will the team trade him? And what about J.D. Martinez? Will he be opting out of his deal and go elsewhere?

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