Patriots V.S. Ravens Sunday Night Showdown

Well the preseason is finally over. The regular season starts for the Patriots this week. Oh those first 8 games were real teams? Could’ve fooled me. The Pats travel into Baltimore this week for what should be their first legitimate challenge of the season thus far. Baltimore always gives the Pats a good run, and John Harbaugh just knows how to coach against these guys. This is going to be a fun Sunday night.

Lamar Jackson has been having an MVP caliber season. He simply just has not been able to be stopped by any defense, and this is when we find out if the Patriots defense is legit. If they can stop a dual threat QB with the ability of Jackson, then they might really be the best defense of all time. They have proved to struggle with running QB’s in the past, just ask Cam Newton. Not only that, but they struggled with running backs last week, letting Nick Chubb run all over them. Mark Ingram is a very similar style back, and if they want to stay undefeated, they cannot let him do the same thing. This team has a dynamic offense, and they are going to be able to find ways to score. The best thing the Patriots can do is contain Lamar Jackson, neutralize Mark Ingram, and eliminate the home run ball.

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The Patriots offense needs to keep being consistent, which is something they have not exactly done too much. They haven’t really been able to sustain good, long drives resulting in TDs. It’s a little frustrating, and if they are going to keep up with what this Ravens offense has been this year, they are going to need to do a better job of it. They are now on their 3rd kicker of the year, so they cannot bank on field goals to bail them out. The running game has been weak, and Brady has not had any consistent receivers outside of Julian Edelman. This could be a big wake up game for someone he needs like Ben Watson, or Mohamed Sanu. Baltimore’s defense is not as good as it has been in years past, so they should be able to move the ball. It’s just a matter of how they do it.

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This one might end up being a little close for comfort. They just need to force some mistakes out of Lamar Jackson to make this statement win. 27-24 Pats.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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