Patriots v.s. Chiefs Recap

And so the curse of playing the Chiefs early in the regular season continues…

They should have known this was bad luck in 2008 when Brady tore his ACL in week one against Kansas City.  But no, they continue to schedule the Chiefs within the first 2 weeks of the regular season, and in turn continue to puke all over themselves in the process.

What the hell happened out there? Everyone looked lost.  Lets start at the heart of the team, with Tom Brady.  Everyone thought he would be rusty off his suspension last year huh? What were the odds of him being rusty after raising his 5th banner? He missed so many passes he normally makes.  I understand possibly losing his ability to throw the ball deep, but not all these missed throws were deep at all.  Maybe he’s having chemistry issues he needs to work out with all of his new offensive toys.  That’s understandable, but doesn’t excuse his many off target throws to Gronk.  Maybe he really misses Jules that much.  They do have all kinds of timing routes they can complete with their eyes closed.  Is Kansas City’s defense THAT good?  Whatever it may be, it better be worked out by next week.

Next comes the offensive line.  Probably the least worrysome of all the bad areas of this game, they definitely didn’t help the cause.  Brady got sacked three times for big losses, in key situations that could have got the team back in the game.  He was actually only pressured 6 times, so they had an all around good game.  They just fell apart in detrimental situations.  The playcalling didn’t help, getting stopped on 2 4th down attempts (JUST GIVE IT TO DEVELIN).  However, it’s an issue that was not too bad in this situation so I’ll leave them alone now.

And you all knew it was coming, yes the entire defensive unit.  Man that was ugly.  I shouldn’t blame it on the entire unit though.  The thin linebacker depth was really what killed them.  So you make a rookie running back fumble on his first carry ever?  Fantastic, that should kill his confidence and shut him out of the game right?  Yeah that just sounds too realistic.  They allowed this guy to rush for 140 yards after that.  Great job guys.  Not to mention him torching whatever nameless linebacker was covering him for a 75 yard TD.  I guess Tyreek Hill is due for a big play a game, so I’ll let that one slide. (Definitely still not sold on Gilmore)  But letting Alex Smith successfully throw the ball farther than 20 yards downfield is unacceptable.  You’ll never live that one down guys.

Of the few bright spots, Mike Gillislee fit in well and pounded in 3 TDs. Brandin Cooks can fly, no doubt about that.  Trey Flowers looks like the disruptive force we have all been waiting for.  And Danny Amendola filled in great for Edelman…then he got hurt too.  So did Dont’a Hightower.  This team is dropping like flies, and they cannot afford to play like this week to week, especially if they continue to get injured.  But, it was one bad game right? Eh, 15-1 don’t look so bad.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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