Super Bowl LII Match Up Prediction

NFL Football is back and it is time for me to make my annual Super Bowl match up prediction. This is something I do every year and I have actually gotten a few predictions right. The thing is, I do not state who will win the game, just which two teams will be playing in it. So lets start off with the AFC.

I live in New England and my pick may be super biased, but I have to go with the Patriots. This is a “win the Super Bowl” or bust season for the Patriots. Brady has a new offensive weapon in Brandon Cooks to throw the ball too, and Gronk seems to be ready to roll. The Patriots also have a slew of running back options in the back field, so this team will put up points on opposing teams. The only question is, how will their defense hold up? The offense can survive a few injuries and can still be able to perform well, but  I can not say the same about the defense. However, I believe the high flying offense and Brady’s experience will lead the Patriots too the Super Bowl. I like the Raiders and the Steelers, but they just do not have enough to get the job done.

Now who will come out of the NFC? Well this pick was a little tricky because there are a few teams that could make a bid for the Super Bowl. Everyone seems to be going with either the Packers, Falcons, and Seahawks, but I am going to pull a team out of right field. The New York Giants will be playing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. In the off-season the Giants added WR Brandon Marshall and TE Evan Engram, too add a little more flare. Last season the Giants defense allowed the second fewest points,and they are returning  nince out of 11 starters. The Giants offensive line is not looking so good at the moment, but they will figure their problems out as the season progresses. 

Final Super Bowl LII Match Up Prediction:

New England Patriots v.s New York Giants

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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