Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Patriots Loss to the Chiefs

The Patriots played a solid first half last night in their season opener, just before getting pretty much throttled in the better part of the second. Brady’s receivers are dropping like flies, and the defense is so bad right now that they let Alex Smith look like the second coming of Joe Montana. Before last night, Tom Brady led Patriots teams were 105-0 when holding a lead going into the fourth quarter. While there are clearly a ton of bad things you can take away from this game, this season is nowhere near lost or over, so now is not the time to panic.

During the Bill Belichick era, when the Patriots have lost their season opener they have gone on to win the Super Bowl in that same year. I’m not saying they are going to necessarily win the Super Bowl because of this loss, but teams coached by Bill Belichick have often proved to us that they are very capable of bouncing back.

Also, IT’S WEEK ONE PEOPLE. Week one. If it were later in the season and they were collapsing like this then yeah, I’d be a bit concerned, but not right now. This is a completely different team from last years Super Bowl team. It’s going to take a little bit of time for guys like Cooks, Allen, and even Gronk (out all of the last season) to catch up to Brady’s game speed. And for the defense, there are a ton of new faces over there too. They are going to need a couple of weeks to mesh together and get some chemistry, and I think they will. There is too much talent on the roster and it won’t just go to waste. And if you have Bill Belichick as a coach, you have to feel pretty confident that he won’t let them put up that shitty of an outing again all season.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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