Patriots v.s. Bills Preview

For the first of two games during a four week span, the Patriots square off against the Bills in Buffalo this week.  As we all know, sometimes these games can be a freak loss for the Patriots.  With the way they’ve had the league in the palm of their hands, nobody should have any doubts.  Bill Belichick proved that there is no taking the foot off the gas, no matter the team or the lead.  This organization has been falling apart at the seams, so don’t expect anything different this week.

Unfortunately, we won’t get Nate Peterman this week.  Tyrod Taylor is back, and he’s playing as a tryout knowing Buffalo doesn’t wanna keep him (for who knows why).  Him and McCoy are this whole team.  Even coming into a game knowing these two are going to dominate, they will still have a huge impact, both in running and passing game.  Zay Jones has emerged in the Bills passing game as well, and when healthy Charles Clay has played very well.  Other than that. Jordan Matthews is forgettable, Kelvin Benjamin probably won’t play, and they don’t have many other weapons on offense.  Shady is gonna be shady, the key will be to contain Tyrod Taylor.  If he can make plays with his feet, that’s when things can get dangerous.

What really needs to change offensively? Brady is offensive player of the month at 29 years old.  Oh I meant 40, but who can really tell the difference?  Every running back makes an impact in their own way.  This is probably the week they re-activate Gillislee just to rub it in Buffalo’s face that they took him away from them.  Martellus Bennett was fun while he lasted i guess, but he headed to the IR for the remainder of the season.  But hey, they made it through the last few weeks with almost no receivers, what’s one more against the Bills?  Nobody on the Bills defense is all that threatening anyway.  Rookie Tre’Davius White has been picked on throughout his first season, and nobody has more than 3 sacks.  That could change with the starting right tackle most likely being Cam Fleming this week, but he is serviceable when he isn’t on Brady’s blind side.  Still nothing that should scare the Pats.

Tom Brady is one TD away from throwing the most TDs in Buffalo since 2000.  This should be business as usual for the Pats.  I guess we can only hope another dildo gets thrown on the field. #BillsMafia 31-20 Patriots.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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