I Love You Bill Belichick

If you think back to week Four of the Patriots season,  they were coming off a 33-30 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Things were not looking good across the board. Brady was taking a beating, the defense was allowing big plays, and there high-priced new corner just wasn’t getting it. They were 2-2, and the Patriots looked like garbage.

But now we fast forward all the way to week 13 of the NFL season, and the Patriots are just humming along like nothing. Bill Belichick has done it again. I don’t know why we have a small bit of doubt creep into our minds every September when they struggle, but we do. The Pats are 9-2, winning Seven in a row. The defense has been much better of late, a big part due to their secondary starting to come together like everyone thought. Stephone Gilmore has been better, I don’t know if he’s been as lights out  as everyone has been saying but he’s been better and with the guys they already have back their that should be plenty for them to compete. The offense looks as good as ever, looking like Brady has them ready for another long run.

I guess my point here is to say I’m sorry Bill, I shouldn’t have doubted you. The Patriots do this every single season, and every single September I get nervous. What if this is the year it all starts to come to end? Is this my last year with Tom? But this will be the last time, I’m gonna enjoy the ride from now on. What this man has done on a yearly basis has just been amazing to watch. He teaches his teams, and his teams always improve throughout the season like good teams do.

Bill Belichick is simply the greatest coach of all time. And I have been lucky enough to watch him buzz saw through the NFL and boy its been fun to watch.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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