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It seems like its already been way too long that the NFL season has been over. We all need something to look forward to, and that next thing is free agency. Free agency is about two weeks away, so its time to dive into who on the Patriots roster has a contract expiring going into free agency.

Nate Solder – Solder might be the most worrysome person that could hit the market soon. He may have had a somewhat down season, but a good left tackle is very hard to come by in the NFL today. Solder has also really given everything he has to this team, and he does deserve to be re signed. The tough part will be finding a good dollar amount to agree on. Verdict: Re-signed

Malcolm Butler – Do I even have to write a description on this one? Butler coming back to New England would be more surprising than Robert Kraft conceiving a child at 76. This controversy went far enough that it isn’t worth anybody’s time to bring him back, but his interception will forever live in our hearts. Verdict: Free Agency

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Rex Burkhead – Burkhead was impressive in his first season in New England. He was definitely more impressive than Gillislee was. If they have a choice, they should probably let him go, and keep Burkhead around for a few more years. He is very versatile, and they can never keep too many offensive weapons, even if he is not always the healthiest. Verdict: Re-signed

Johnson Bademosi: The Patriots do love their special teamers, but Bademosi was a low impact player, and seemed like he was mostly a one season rental. He also did not seem very happy with the super bowl, and decisions made in it, so I doubt he comes back. Verdict: Free Agency

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Matthew Slater: The perfect Bill Belichick player? Did Troy Brown or Tedy Bruschi ever leave? Yeah, Slater is that same kind of guy, it would just be wrong if he left, and I don’t see him going anywhere. Verdict: Re-signed

Cameron Fleming – Tackle is the position it seems like the Pats can never have enough depth at. Somebody is bound to get hurt during the season at the tackle position. Fleming really did not do too bad last season in replacement of Marcus Cannon. What’s better than a decent backup tackle that knows the system? Not much. Verdict: Re-signed

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Danny Amendola – This one is going to be tough. He really proved how valuable he is when he is healthy all season, and was just as clutch as ever in the playoffs. There are a lot of receivers already on the roster, but I like to think Danny is a guy that loves the team and will come back. He might hit the market and get a few offers, but ultimately I thin he’ll be back. Verdict: Re-signed

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Dion Lewis – Man did Lewis have a great year. That unfortunately seems like when the Pats dump running backs. I would love to see Lewis back because he fits so many schemes so well, but he might want more money than the Pats will pay. He’ll get a good pay day wherever he goes though. Verdict: Free Agency

Nate Ebner – Another one I don’t need to do much explaining on. A cookie cutter Pats special teamer that does his job. There isn’t a more perfect home for Ebner. Verdict: Re-signed

LaAdrian Waddle – I know I said they will always have depth at tackle, but they built through last years draft for depth at tackle. Waddle was very eh last year, and most likely will not stick around next season as they will attempt to go younger. Verdict: Free Agency

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James Harrison – I would love to see him play more football in general, but I do not see many teams wanting him at 40 next season. It might just end up being that he retires next season, but it was a great run Deebo. Verdict: Retirement

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Ricky Jean Francois – A late season addition that was not a huge impact, most of these guys don’t stay for another season. I don’t know much about him, but defensive line is where they need to build through the draft, so he is probably not the answer. Verdict: Free Agency

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Geneo Grissom – Has not been much at his pass rusher position, but has definitely contributed on special teams. He seems like another Belichick guy, so I think he will be back at least for the preseason. Verdict: Re-signed

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Marquis Flowers – A very athletic linebacker that is a typical off-the-street guy they play at the position, chances are he’ll sign a 3-4 year deal just because that’s what the Pats do. Verdict: Re-signed

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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