What the Bruins should do with Ryan Donato

Ryan Donato has been a huge topic of conversation for the Bruins and for good reason. The 21-year-old, Mass native and Harvard product has been having an unbelievable year at the College level and was one of the few highlights of this years 2018 US Olympic team. His dominance in the Olympics has sparked the conversation to have him suit up in the Black and Gold and help aid us on what should be a deep playoff run this postseason. If that is the decision that is made and they decide to suit him up this year…THEY ARE DEAD WRONG.

Donato is a hell of a player and without question will be an impact player at the NHL level for years to come, but they can not rush his development. Let him finish his playoff run with Harvard then transition down to Providence and let him get use to the faster pace and intensity of the pro-level down there. There will be a lot less pressure on him and that will allow him to go through his growing pains without getting highly scrutinized like he would if he was playing in the Garden.

Fortunetly, for the Bruins they have a surplus of young talented prospects both in Boston and Providence. This gives Don Sweeny and Bruce Cassidy the ability to have these kids battle for spots as well as being successful at both levels. This is also key for Donato because there is no rush for him to get to the pro level and he can sit back and enjoy the process as well as learning and adjusting the differences between the college and professional level.

We need Donato for next year and beyond, not this year. Lets face it the Bruins are exceeding all preseason expectations and turned into a possible cup contender under the shadow of the Patriots super bowl run. The Bruins were not expected to be this good, this soon, their window to win was starting next year and for the next 5 years to come. Not complaining tho.

I am leading the bandwagon on wanting to see Donato in the Black and Gold but I need to slow my role and realize what is best for both him and the Bruins’ for the upcoming years.

– Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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