Patriots Receive Their Super Bowl Rings And They’re AMAZING

While there was a big playoff hockey game going on in the Boston area, there was another Boston team receiving some well-deserved jewelry. The Patriots all gathered together to receive their Super Bowl LIII rings. Let me tell you something, these rings are AMAZING to look at!

The shine in those rings is just unbelievable. It is nice to see guys like Devin McCourty and Julian Edelman continue to add to their collection. It also is great to see Jason McCourty get a ring after suffering an 0-16 season in Cleveland the year before. The whole celebration was a first class event.

Rob Gronkowski Was His Lovable Self

Rob Gronkowski was in attendance last night and he did not disappoint. The smile on his face in the picture above describes the feeling. It is pure joy and excitement to add another one to the collection. There also might be a video surfacing around the internet of the Patriots poking fun at Gronk for denting the latest Lombardi trophy.

Whatever the case is, Gronk will still always hold a place in our hearts. Enjoy the rings, big fella!

Sony Michel Has His First Ring

It is extremely difficult to win a Super Bowl ring in the NFL. Just ask somebody like Tony Gonzalez, Dan Marino, or Philip Rivers how difficult it truly is. For Sony Michel, he was able to win one in his first NFL season. That is a special memory that not a lot of NFL players can share with each other. Michel found himself in the right place at the right time with the Patriots, and now; he has a Super Bowl ring to show for it.

Not bad for a kid out of Georgia that was getting called out on Felger and Mazz early on in the season!

In Conclusion

Another great Super Bowl ring gala is in the books officially for the Patriots. They were able to enjoy the moment and have a souvenir for the rest of their careers. The 2018 season is now in the books and the 2019 season cannot come soon enough!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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