Dave Dombrowski Really Dropped the Ball With Kimbrel

Up until till June 6th, 2019 I loved Dave Dombrowski. As of June 7th, all I can say is Dave Dombrowski STINKS! I just would like to point out that the Cubs have the second highest payroll in the MLB behind the Red Sox. The Cubs not only “pushed hard” for Kimbrel, but they also signed him! All the while the Red Sox wouldn’t even entertain a conversation with the guy.

Kimbrel signed for 3 years $45 million dollars. That averages out to $15 million a year. A little steep for him but at the same time I would 100% pay him that much money to sure up our bullpen. Credit to the Cubs, they got one of, if not the best, closers in the game right now. Congrats to the Cubs!

Now the bigger issue is simply what the hell is Dombrowski doing?!?! We’ve got no one in the bullpen that’s even halfway reliable and he isn’t even attempting to do something to help fix the problem? He’s literally tying Cora’s hands together and making him just flip a coin to see which reliever he wants to come in and blow the game for us.

Dombrowski is responsible for the problems that are transpiring with the Red Sox this year and it is time people start holding him responsible. He did a terrible job adding to the weak areas last offseason and did nothing to improve the team overall. We got WORSE! He allowed the Yankees, who won 100 games last year, to go out and sign everyone! From position players to the bullpen the Yankees acted like the Yankees and went out and spent money. All while Dombrowski over here was sitting on his thumb thinking what happened last year would just happen again with no changes to be made.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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