Your Sports Weekend Winners

This weekend was full of many noteworthy moments for the sports world. Here are a few of this weekend’s winners.

Anthony Davis

In last nights, 142-125 win of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward Anthony Davis had himself a game. The Lakers’ biggest off season acquisition dropped 50 points on the Timberwolves with 6 assists, 7 rebounds and a block.  Although Minnesota is a sub .500 team right now playing the LA team that currently stands alone at the top of the Western Conference, their defense giving up that many points to a single player is absolutely horrendous. Not to mention the fact that Lebron also dropped 39 himself. Davis is certainly proving to be the difference maker that the Lakers needed after a terrible season last year. With him and Lebron, they are more than likely going to go pretty deep into the playoffs this year.


George Kittle

The San Francisco 49ers seem to have found the perfect recipe for success this year. Jimmy Garappolo has a lot to do with that but his team’s top tight end has almost as much to do with it. While Kittle may not be getting as many targets as other receivers, he has become a huge difference maker for his team because when he does get the ball thrown his way he makes every yard count. This was shown in full force last night during the 49ers game winning drive. He was able to take what was only a 7 yard throw into a 39 yard completion with a defender hanging off of his face mask. This of course added another 15 yard on to the end due to the penalty. Kittle put his team in the exact position they needed to beat the New Orleans Saints. Also, I swear I’m not biased towards him as a player because he’s on my Fantasy Football Team…


Laila Anderson

One of the most heart warming stories that came out of the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs this year was the St. Louis Blues’ super fan Laila Anderson. The Blues basically made the young girl a part of their team, even giving her a championship ring when they won the cup. As a Bruins fan, it was really the only thing that made their Game 7 loss a little less painful because it was hard not to be happy for her. This weekend, the Blues invited her once again to a game, this time so that she could meet her bone marrow donor who helped save her life, Kenton Felmlee. Though the Blues lost, there’s no doubt that this moment eclipsed what the final score was.


Ole Gunnar Solskjær

For the first time since April 2018, Manchester, England is red again. This past weekend the city held it’s Manchester Derby which revolves around the Premier League match up of Manchester United and Manchester City. Going into the game, it was expected that City would once again defeat their rivals in red considering United have not been having a fantastic season. However, the Red Devils started strong and was able to hold City to only one goal that didn’t come until extra time in the second half. With this win, Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s job was safe for a bit longer. After a hot start when Ole Gunnar became interim manager last season, United has still not performed up to par with what the team’s ownership expects. Beating City this week saved Ole’s job for now and moved United up into the 5 spot on the Premier League standings.


Every Patriots Hater


For the New England Patriots, the season seems to be going downhill quickly. The offense has continued to struggle all year and they have now lost three games to the NFL’s most talented up and coming QB’s. However, the story of this Sunday’s loss to Kansas City was all about the terrible officiating. The Patriots lost the opportunity to score not one but two touchdowns because of bad calls made by the refs. The irony in this? Every Patriots hater on Twitter was quick to point out that this is just poetic justice. For years, people have joked that Bill Belichick pays the officials so that calls go the Patriots way. Well apparently, the check bounced this week and the sports world is thrilled.


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~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Young)

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