Patriots Finally Receive Punishments from “Sideline-gate” in Cincinnati

There was some BIG news that happened yesterday regarding the New England Patriots. Obviously, there was the Cam Newton signing, which Diego covered last night as it broke. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened for the Patriots organization last night. We also finally found out the punishments for the Patriots illegal taping of the Browns-Bengals game last season. Mike Reiss covers all of the Patriots punishments, in detail, with his tweet which you can see below.

Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail, shall we?

$1.1 Million in Club Fines

This isn’t anything new to the Patriots organization, unfortunately. The Patriots will be losing 1.1 million dollars because of this dumb infraction. It was wrong what they did. But at the same time, this is a lot of money for what the action was. If this was the Chargers or the Vikings, would it have been that much? I honestly don’t know. For Robert Kraft, this might be like us losing $50.

Loss of a Third Round Pick in the 2021 Draft

This one hurts a little bit. The Patriots have had some quality players come out of the third round of the draft. J.R. Redmond back in 2000 was a solid RB option who helped catch several passes on the Super Bowl XXXVI game winning drive against the Rams. Other notable present Patriots who were third round picks include Joe Thuney and Chase Winovich. So it does stink that the Patriots lose that pick. Hopefully, it doesn’t come back to hurt them in the later years.

Patriots Television Production Crews Are Not Allowed to Shoot Any Games During the 2020 Season

With this one, it is what it is. You have to make an example out of those responsible. For one season, the Patriots need a new television production crew. Maybe beyond. I’m sure they’ll find people very quickly.

Senior Club Officials Will Have Required Training on League Operations and Game Policies

This seems like if you lose your license and you have to go take a class to get it back. It’s a thing where they’ll take the training, move on with their lives, and get back into it. This is a fair punishment. Learn more about protocols and apply them to your work. Seems okay to me!

David Mondillo is Banned from NFL Facilities Until Further Notice

This one is odd to me. Mondillo made a mistake, we get that. But is it really worth it for him to be banned from ALL NFL facilities? Some of you might be saying, “Al, he cheated. It’s the right thing to do.” You have a point there. But it’s not like he’s been doing it for whole seasons for the last five years. You want to suspend him for a few games or maybe even half a season? Sure, go for it. But to not give him a timetable, I don’t know. Again, seems kind of odd.

In Conclusion

This is finally put to bed. Of course, it gets announced right as the Patriots take on Cam Newton. It was almost similar to the Red Sox cheating scandal. We had to wait FOREVER to hear the results with the whole fiasco. This is a past event now. Get ready for 2020 because it’s going to be an interesting season for sure.

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