Celtics can Easily Become the One Seed and Win a Championship

NBA is Back!

The NBA is back! I know there have been talks about people wanting to move the NBA into the summer, and I’m all aboard that train. Start in December and push the season back. However, we have to get back to being able to play before we can decide on anything else. As announced, the NBA is scheduled to return July 31st with 8 games to determine playoff seedings. The Celtics have an excellent opportunity to grab the one seed.

Celtics Schedule

Off the bat, Milwaukee, and Toronto are the only two games that stand out. Giannis was balling in this year, and the Bucks overall were dominating. Toronto is a weird one. Coming off a championship season and losing Kawhi — happy birthday — but they, like the Celtics, have a team that just works well together. The Celtics were playing great this year before the suspension. There are a couple of games that the Celtics should win that they may not. The C’s for a couple of years have always found ways to lose stupid games that they need to win. I can easily see them beating the brakes off of the Bucks but then lose both ORL and BKN. Basically we are waiting to see if the Celtics are the team we want them to be. The team we’ve been waiting for. I hope they pick up right where they left off and turn it up. We don’t know and can’t even begin to predict what play will look like.

4 months off, you have 8 games then playoffs. That’s wild. Obviously, some players, if not most, have been staying in shape but it’s not full-team workouts. Also, practice and games are different vibes. When the competitive juices start flowing it’s not the same speed, and intensity as a practice is, and that takes a couple of games to get the legs underneath you. This eight-game seeding can play right into the Celtics hands, though. I would love to see Brad Stevens win a title. Jaylen and Jayson to be the two stars in Boston. Let’s start the dynasty now. I’m not putting an asterisk. I’m taking the title and smiling.

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