Patriots Bye Week Check-In

Well it’s not the most glamorous way to go into a bye week, but nonetheless, the Pats are headed into their small week 11 vacation. A late bye week can be tough, so a week off might be exactly what they need at this point. It’s hard to be nervous about a 7-3 team, but the Pats have made it possible.

This offense needs to start to click if they are going to win important games down the stretch. Brady doesn’t seem to be on the same page as anybody besides James White, and eventually, defenses have to figure it out. It might be directly a product of Brady missing passing camp in the offseason. He hasn’t been so out of sync with Hogan in past years, and he doesn’t even seem like he’s clicking with Jules as well as he has in the past. Gronk not being healthy has made a huge impact as well, but they’ve won without him before. Brady looked terrified of the pass rush last week too, and he has almost never been like that. Things have been better and someone has got to step up as a playmaker.

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The defense has managed to be very hot and cold this season. Stephon Gilmore has had a hell of a season…until last week.

Corey Davis decided to wake up and make him look silly. He should be able to bounce back and get back into his groove of shutting down number one receivers. The pass rush has had its moments this season. Trey Flowers has been phenomenal as an all-around player, but not much out of anyone else.

Clayborn has been disappointing, and Wise and Rivers have been less than stellar. The interior line really needs to prove their worth too. For what looks like a talented position, they have not been anything special. They have not got a ton of help from their special teams though. Big kick returns have been given up all season long. For a team that spends so much on special teams, it hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations.

They have guys like Slater, Ebner, and Brandon King that it’s the only thing they do. All 3 phases of the game have been below Patriots standard, and they need to pick it up all around.

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Coming out of the bye week against the Jets should be helpful, but we’ll leave that for next week.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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