Fried-Ay: Grindr, Toy Story 4, and New Haircuts

Guys, guys, GUYS! It’s officially Fried-ay—the only blog on planet Earth worth of reading on a Friday, unless it’s posted on a different day, which it isn’t this week so don’t worry about it. For those unfamiliar with Fried-ay, don’t worry about that either. One of the traditions of my Fried-ay blogs is that I explain the concept of Fried-ay before every installment. Anyway, let’s get into it. One of my least favorite/favorite things in the world is updating the operating system on my MAC, which is why I’ve been putting it off since late October. I guess the new operating system for my Macbook Pro is called “Mohave” which, in Latin, translates to “reverse cowgirl.” I’m not sure what the difference is. It took roughly two weeks to fully download and the only difference is something called “Dark Mode.” In other words, all my tabs and Finder windows are now black. The geniuses in Cupertino have done it again! On a side note, one of the easiest ways to spice up your life is to change your phone’s lock screen wallpaper. Try it. Every time you pick up your phone, it’s like you’re hacking into someone else’s phone—kind of like when my ex-girlfriend would look through my Grindr matches. I touched upon this earlier in the week but Pixar released a new trailer for Toy Story 4 featuring “Forky.” Now, I’m not someone who shoots from the hip. I wait for the dust to settle before I spew my agenda; however, this spork has the potential to derail the entire franchise. Disney tried something like this before with their Star Wars franchise. For those who haven’t connected the dots yet, Forky could be Jar Jar Binks 2.0 and I’m not necessarily ready for it. I need to get a haircut soon and I’m dreading it. One of the craziest things I’ve ever heard occurred back in college when my buddy insisted he couldn’t sub for our intramural basketball team the upcoming Wednesday because he needed to get a haircut… Like, what dude? What guy plans out their haircut schedule? Maybe I’m the psycho here but haircuts seem like a sporadic event. You just wake up one day, look in the mirror, realize you look like Steve Bannon after a weekend in Cabo, and head to Supercuts. Last thing about haircuts: you can immediately tell if you got a good haircut or not by the reaction of the first person you meet after leaving the barber. If they say you look good, you most likely don’t but at least an improvement has occurred. If they say something like “Hey, you got a haircut” then you definitely look like shit. It’s one thing to extend a compliment; it’s another to simply acknowledge an alteration has been made. Like “Hey, you adjusted your appearance!” – Joey Boats (@joey_boats) You love fantasy sports but getting tired of the same thing every year? Stop it. Join ThriveFantasy today where you bet on only the top tier players and gain points based on prop bets. Sign up today using the Couch Guy Sports link NOW & get in on the action. (Must deposit a minimum of $10 upon signup and ThriveFantasy will MATCH that $10) JOIN HERE

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