Manny Machado To the Yankees NEEDS To Happen

My hatred for Manny Machado is second to none. He sucks, he’s the scum of the scum. So in other words, a perfect Yankee.

He’s just a terrible person and I would love nothing more than for Chris Sale or Joe Kelly to put 98 up and in on him and just watch Manny cry to the ump to protect him while wearing those ugly pinstripes. The crap he pulled in the NLCS AND World Series by “accidentally” stepping on the first basemen’s ankles because he was upset that he grounded out is pure bush league. I HATE HIM.

Now all hatred aside, the man can play baseball when he isn’t throwing temper tantrums in the dugout or in the batter’s box. When he is on he is without a doubt one of the top players in the league but that comes with all of his antics. That is just one reason why I would love to see the Yankees make the massive mistake of signing him to a monster contract this off-season.

The other is just how young the Yankees are and how they really don’t need to make many moves to continue to be good. All they need to do is just be patient while adding a few minor pieces. But, it’s the Yankees and they are still mad at the fact that they got their asses handed to them by the Sox so they will be stupid and throw away their future to sign Machado and in two or three years when they realize they screwed up, it will be too late because most of their young infield talent will be elsewhere. All the while the Red Sox are hosting another Duckboat parade in the streets of Boston.

Brian Cashman, do all of Boston a favor and ruin your franchise future by signing Machado to a 10-year deal and then cry yourself to sleep every night for the next decade once you realize the guy is a loser and has no clue how to win when it matters most.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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