Offseason Moves, Vegas Golden Knights Free Agency Players

The Vegas Golden Knights season ended with the Stanley Cup Semifinals series defeat against the Montreal Canadiens. Now the focus shifts to golfing or in this case the offseason. This offseason the Vegas Golden Knights free agency will see three players who’s contracts are done . Will they resign or let go of these individuals?

Free Agent Tomas Nosek

Golden Knights to scratch Nicolas Roy with Tomas Nosek back | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Tomas Nosek is one of the Golden Knights Expansion Draft picks, selected from the Detroit Red Wings. He plays center and left wing. The Golden Knights gave Nosek his first chance to play consistently in the NHL. In his first year, Nosek scored the Golden Knights first franchise goal on home ice October 10, 2017. He continued this success scoring his first playoff goal May 18, 2018. In his four seasons with the Golden Knights Nosek has 31 goals and 34 assists in regular season play. Although he only played 38 games this regular season, he was more productive than his 2019-2020 regular season where he played 67 games. With all this said it may seem like he will be resigned. But, in my opinion it might be his time to go. There are centers ahead of him such as Karlsson and Stephenson that will be with the team a couple more years. Nosek could be a top line player for another team, but in Vegas will continue to be in the bottom lines.

Free Agent Mattias Janmark

Mattias Janmark is the final piece the Vegas Golden Knights needed

Before being traded to the Golden Knights you would have heard me asking who even is this guy? This trade involved the Blackhawks, the Sharks and the Golden Knights. This trade happened on April 12, 2021. It was very low risk for the Golden Knights and proved to be a smart move. Janmark played 15 regular season games with the Golden Knights before they began their playoff run. In that timeframe he had 1 goal and 4 assists. However game 7 against the Wild was Janmark’s shining moment. May 28, 2021 he became the second Golden Knight to record his career hat trick in Stanley Cup playoffs. Final score for this game was 6-2, with 3 goals by Janmark. Since he is new, I would say give Janmark another year contract. It is low risk and could be high reward. Personally, I would like to see what he can do in a full season with the Golden Knights.

Free Agent Alec Martinez

Alec Martinez's Future With the Vegas Golden Knights

Alec Martinez was another player the Golden Knights received via trade, this one from the Kings. This trade dates back to February 19, 2020. Although Vegas gave up a 2020 and 2021 pick in exchange for Martinez I would consider this a successful trade. Martinez added depth to defense behind Theodore and Pietrangelo this season. In 2020-2021 regular season play he played 53 games and had 9 goals and 23 assists. During the playoffs, it was found that Alec Martinez was also playing hockey on a broken foot! In the playoff run he had 4 goals, 2 assists, but more importantly 37 saves.

He did not let injury slow him down and provided the goalies the help they needed from defense. With all this said GET THIS MAN A LONG TERM CONTRACT! That is, if the Golden Knights can get a deal done with the cap space allowed.

Golden Knights Free Agency looks to be interesting!

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