What the Heck Happened to Liverpool?

What happened to the world beaters from Anfield?

This Liverpool team, pre-COVID, was one of the best squads we had ever seen in the Premiership.

They were even better than the record setting team from the Etihad from 17-18. The Citizens claimed the name “Centurions” and set a record pace for points (100) in the top flight English league that we thought may never be challenged.

Then, this Liverpool squad became even better (for a while).

Pre-COVID Juggernaut

Before the pandemic came along and crippled hospitals and economies,  the Red were cruising.

The squad was setting a record pace while crushing teams with their fun, free-flowing style.

I should say, technically, Liverpool began their slide before COVID really hit.

A 1-0 defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid preceeded a string of mediocre showings.

Following that first major loss of the season, Liverpool proceeding to escape a middling West Ham side with a win. Then lost convincingly to a Watford side that was fighting against relegation, 3-0, 2-0 to my Chelsea, barely beat Bournemouth, and lost again to Atletico. The second loss to Atletico eliminated the side from Champions League.

Post-COVID Struggles

Liverpool have kept their lackluster play going since a return to play.

After an opening game goalless draw against Everton, results have been mixed.

The Reds drubbed Palace 4-0. and looked to be back to their old selves, but then were manhandled by City by the same score against their favour.

From there, Liverpool has had a mixed bag, culminating in the loss today against a wildly mediocre Arsenal side.

The mistake riddled loss left the Reds searching for answers, as their hopes for a points record were dashed.

While the Premiership was secured long ago, the squad had fancied themselves for more glory than that after crashing out of Champion League.

Alas, it was not to be. The lads from Anfield will not be record holders after this campaign.

What’s Next?

Liverpool still has some to play for.

There are young talents to work on to the pitch. Also pride is at stake – finishing off with a bang!

Unfortunately, with only two games left there really is not much more to play for than that.

Liverpool finishes with a game against Chelsea, where they can avenge their previous defeat and play spoiler to the Blues top 4 hopes, and a game against a bland Newcastle side.

While the season may see the champions peter out with a whimper, all they accomplished will stand tall for many years.

While they will not claim the undisputed greatest ever team in EPL mantle, the Anfield faithful are certainly still very pleased with their squad.

The Reds easily overcame their toughest challenger amidst their own struggles this season (City). They also brought hope the first Premier League Trophy in nearly 30 years.

Frankly, a season all but City would envy.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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