Now That The Draft Is Over, What Should The Celtics Do Next?

The Boston Celtics made their picks in the 2019 NBA draft last night. They decided on Indiana’s Romeo Langford at 14, Tennessee’s Grant Williams at 22, Purdue’s Carsen Edwards at 31, and LSU’s Tremont Waters at 51. Four draft picks, two trades, and a whole night later; the Celtics are still making fans scratch their heads regarding the future of the franchise. So now that the draft is over, what moves should the Celtics pursue next? Here’s a few I have in mind.

Make D’Angelo Russell A Celtic

It’s very obvious that D’Angelo Russell would at least entertain the idea of playing for the Celtics next season. Look, it’s pretty obvious Kyrie is on the next plane ride out of Boston, right? So, why not go after a guy like Russell? He’s tough, he gets to the basket very well, and can shoot from the outside. A guy that can average 21 and 7 a game with a 37% three point shooting percentage is somebody I want on my team every day and twice on Sundays. Russell would love playing in Boston and fit into the Brad Stevens system.

Sign Nikola Vucevic

Connor wrote about this earlier this year and honestly, I like where he’s thinking. The Celtics could use a signing like Nikola Vucevic.

Vucevic was an All-star last season. He also brings something the Celtics have seriously lacked for years: rebounding! He averaged 12 rebounds a game last season. Especially if Al Horford is heading out the door, they need somebody that can help on the rebounding aspect. This guy seems like he fits the bill just fine.

Let Terry Rozier Walk

I mean, this one should be obvious right? Rozier literally came out on national television and said he wouldn’t want to come back if they ran it back with the same group. Yes, Kyrie is pretty much gone. But if the Celtics sign a D’Angelo Russell, we’ll be back to square one with Terry. Let him walk and go start for another team. Frankly, I wouldn’t miss him and a lot of you other Celtics fans shouldn’t miss him either. He had a nice playoff run in 2018, but that’s the peak for him.

In Conclusion

The Celtics have a lot of work to do. Something tells me that Danny Ainge is up to something. There is no way he can be content with this current group, especially if/when Kyrie and Al Horford walk out the door as well. This roster needs an image makeover and fast. Otherwise, we are looking at a 5-7 seed next season and probably another early playoff exit. Show us what you got, trader Danny!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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