There have been 4 no-hitters already in the MLB season and it is only 5/11! I wrote about the other 2 in pervious articles you can find here and here. Well last week we added two more to the list. John Means of the Orioles and Wade Miley of the Reds each threw a no-no.

John Means

On Wednesday May 5th, John Means took the ball against the Mariners. Means already being the ace of the rebuilding Orioles is becoming a household name for many baseball fans. His story is a great one. He was updating his LinkedIn profile just a few years ago and considering retirement. Now he goes out and dominates on the mound.

In this start Means went out and nearly threw a perfect game. The only baserunner was a dropped 3rd strike. Means finished the game with 12 strikeouts and no walks. This just shows everyone out there to keep working hard and good things will come.

Wade Miley

Just 2 days later on May 7th Wade Miley went out and no-hit the Indians for the Reds. Miley is a 34 year old veteran, who has played 11 season in the MLB. The only 2 baserunners in the game were a walk and an error in the 6th inning. Besides that Miley was perfect. Miley finished the game with 8 strike outs with the 1 walk.

Both pitchers were named Players Of The Week for the American and National Leagues respectively. Both of these lefties are not power pitchers either. Miley only threw 4 pitches over 90 MPH and Means sits around 94 MPH.

Wrap Up

In 1 week there were 2 no-hitters to make the total on the season to be 4. The most no-hitters in 1 season is 8, we are already half way there. What could happen in baseball this week? Come back here to find out! Catch me on Legends Lingo!

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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