National League Playoffs / Award Predictions and First Full Week Recap

I know at the end of the article last week I said I would post on Friday, but life happened. So I promise THIS week I will get a second article up on Friday. Just like I did last week I will give my predictions for the playoffs and awards, but on the National League side of things. After that I will talk about 3 major headlines from the first full week of baseball. For the awards I am going with my predictions I had before the season started. I will not let anything that has happened change my picks.

National League Playoff Predictions

  1. Dodgers 108-54
  2. Mets 92-70
  3. Cardinals 92-70
  4. (Wild Card 1) Padres 100-62
  5. (WC 2) Braves

I gave the tiebreaker to the Mets. I believe they will have a better record against the Cardinals during the season. Also, there will be a game 163 according to my standing. The Braves will play the Reds for the second Wild Card spot. The Braves will pull off the win to play the Padres.

Wild Card Game

The Padres will win this one in a very close game. I just believe the Padres have too many good arms for a 1 game winner-take-all. The Padres will get timely hits and find a way to win this 4-3.

Padres Unveil New Uniforms With Brown-and-Gold Color Scheme - Sports Illustrated


There will be a rematch between the Padres and Dodgers. I believe if both teams are healthy this will go all 7 games. The Padres have a lot of fire power on the pitching side. But I think the Dodgers will take this series. The Dodgers have a former Cy Young Award winner, David Price, coming out of the bullpen. Their lineup has 2 former MVPs and a World Series MVP in it. They are just too much for the Padres.

The Mets / Cardinals series will also be a good one. I think the Mets win it in 6. The Mets just have a complete team. They can hit, they have great starters, and their bullpen is legit. They will just prove to be too good for the Cardinals.


The Dodgers verse Mets NLCS. I believe a lot of people have this matchup and I can see why. Both teams are really good. But, the Dodgers are the defending World Series Champs for a reason. They are LOADED with talent. They will win this series in 6 games. Jacob deGrom will get the 2 wins for the Mets and that is it. The Dodgers are just too deep. So they make it back to the World Series for the 4th time in 5 years.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers | Latest Odds and Picks | BigOnSports

National League Awards

MVP: Juan Soto

At 22 years-old Juan Soto is already being talked about as an all-time great. This is the year that he wins his first of many MVPs. Soto could lead the league in both average and homeruns. That is crazy to think about. But it is the discipline at the plate that will make the season great. One of the best coaches I ever had told me that walks are the key to a good average. The less at-bats you have the better chance you have to get a higher average. Soto can lead the league in walks as well with his eye. That is what will put him over the top and win the MVP.

Nationals' Juan Soto cleared to play after negative COVID-19 tests, per report - CBSSports.com

Cy Young: Walker Buehler

Walker Buehler is in one of if not the best rotations in all of baseball with the Dodgers. That could come back to hurt him, with teammates stealing votes. But Buehler is one of the best young arms in all of baseball. We saw it in the playoffs with Buehler pitching in 21 innings and having 31 strikeouts. He will put it all together and go out and win the Cy Young in 2021.

MLB playoffs 2019: Dodgers' Walker Buehler shows he owns the big stage

Rookie Of The Year: Ke’Bryan Hayes

This one was probably the easiest one of them all. The only bright spot on the Pirates. Ke’Bryan Hayes has everything. Some pop, speed, fielding, what is there not to like about him? In 24 games last year he had a 1.124 OPS with 5 homers.

Ke'Bryan Hayes one-ups dad with five-hit night in Pirates victory | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Manager Of The Year: Jayce Tingler

The Padres having the second bast record in the National League will be what wins the Manager Of The Year for Jayce Tingler. That team is loaded and he will get everything out of them. The Dodgers will win the division, but the Padres will have an amazing season.

First Full Week Recap

Joe Musgrove No-Hitter

On Friday night Joe Musgrove became the first Padre to ever throw a no-hitter. What is even cooler is that he is from the San Diego area. Musgrove struck out 10 Rangers on his way to the first no-hitter of 2021. The Padres were the last team in the MLB to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter. They have been around for over 50 years and have never had one. It was magical game and we hope to see a couple more this year.

Byron Buxton Hot Start

Byron Buxton has always been one of those players who we hear “if he can do this” “if he can do that” he will be great. But, after 6 season and only 1 playing over 100 games (only played in 39 out of 60 in 2020) many people thought we would never see what he could truly be. Well now in 2021 I think we are getting to see that. Buxton is the league lead in homeruns with 5 and OPS with 1.734. I love seeing Buxton finally put it all together. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

Corbin Burnes Dealing Early

So far this season Corbin Burnes has only let up 1 run in 12.1 on 2 hits. Yes 2 hits. Also, 20 strikeouts to 0 walks is amazing. Burnes is a lot of people’s dark horse for the NL Cy Young. I can see why. Obviously he will not keep up these numbers. But, if Burnes can stay close to them, a Cy Young could be in his future.

Wrap Up

I promise I will get a second article up on Friday. The Dodgers will make it back to the World Series. Want to know who I said will make it from the AL? Read it here! To see who I have winning it come back on Friday. Tune in to Legends Lingo to hear be talk about all things Boston Sports.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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