Nick Young AKA “Swaggy P” Arrested in Hollywood Last Friday Night

NBA champ, Nick Young, was cuffed and had his car impounded last Friday night after refusing to cooperate with officers in Hollywood.

Swaggy P, which is arguably one of the worst nicknames in sports, looked at witnesses — pretty sure the guys holding the phone — yelling, “Am I resisting?”

All reported from TMZ, their source told them that Young was initially pulled over for a routine traffic stop but after refusing to work with the police, they arrested him on the spot.

Come on, man. Look, you’re a professional athlete. You have the money to pay whatever fine they might give you for speeding or rolling through a stop sign. Why fight with these guys? Now obviously we don’t have the transcript between Young and the police, but why not just say yes sir (or mam, shoutout women police) and go on your way? You’re living a better life than us schmucks in our cubicles so all you have to do is not screw up.

You KNOW that someone is going to record the incident. Like I said in my blog about the security guard from last week, people record literally everything in 2018. It’s just what you do. There is zero shock here that TMZ grabbed this footage.

Swaggy P has yet to comment on the arrest.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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