Nice Job Wasting the Number 1 Pick Fantasy Owners

Coming into the season, Le’Veon Bell was considered the top overall fantasy player.  Many of which took him first overall in their respective drafts.  BUT, he’ll now most likely miss the first game of the season against the Browns and potentially many more games.

So Now What Fantasy Owners?

If you picked Todd Gurley or any other of the top RB options, good for you!  You’ll actually have a stud RB1 slot.  For those of you that took Le’Veon Bell, too bad.  Imagine getting a top pick in the fantasy draft and using it on Bell and he sits not only one game but several!?  I can’t help but laugh.  I’m in four leagues and I didn’t have any picks higher than six so I didn’t have to deal with this problem.  Now the bigger problem for Bell is if he has until week 11 to sign if he still wants to be a free agent after the season.  If he sits until after, well he’ll still be a Pittsburgh Steeler.  So don’t expect him to sit out that long.  But don’t be surprised if it’s more than one game.

Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

An even better plot to this story is not only are fans upset, but even his teammates are frustrated.  And as a Patriots fan, it’s just too bad to see this happen to a conference rival.  I mean, you really feel for them right?  It’s not like he’s suspended (again), he’s doing this to himself!  Now I get it that he wants to get paid.  It makes sense, he’s been easily the most dominant running back in the league the past few years.  And we all know that the NFL stands for “Not For Long” so he wants to get paid while he can.  But at what point do you ask, “Am I doing more damage than good?”

No matter what happens, something tells me that this Steelers team might not do well in the early part of the season.

Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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