Steelers’ Players Had Some Very Choice Words For Teammate Le’Veon Bell


Both NFL fans and Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans know that Le’Veon Bell wants a new contract. A few months ago, the team offered to sign him to a franchise tag of $14.5M for a second consecutive off-season. He declined. Why? Because Bell doesn’t want to sign that tag, especially when he has to sit back and watch superstars around the league get paid heading into this season. All Le’Veon wants is what he’s earned over the course of his career, a long-term contract that could make him the highest paid running back in the NFL. He’s done enough to warrant that in my opinion.

The Steelers haven’t budged on contract negotiations for nearly two years now, and we know they don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. So what do big-time players do in these situations? They sit out. Bell hasn’t reported to the team in months, and with the season quickly approaching, he has no intentions of doing so. This has a lot of his teammates unhappy:

As a Patriots fan, I love watching our so-called “rivals” crumble like this. If Bell ever does return this season, there’s going to be tension. Things could get very ugly between Bell and his o-line. I simply cannot wait. Either that, or they trade him somewhere else, which would also be music to my ears. Your move, Pittsburgh.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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