NHL Trade Deadline – What Should the Toronto Maple Leafs Do?

NHL trade deadline is drawing near. Less than a month away before the frenzy of trades, chaos and fun that is the trade deadline. As a Leafs fan, NHL trade deadline is a crucial part of the season because it gives us a bit of optimism that we can make some moves in hopes of making it out of the 1st round of the playoffs this year. With trade deadlines less than a month away, I thought I would breakdown exactly what I think the best moves and current areas of weaknesses are for the Toronto Maple Leafs.I think there is only a small window of time for this current Leafs team to win the Stanley Cup and I fear if the team doesn’t get what we need relatively soon, the team could miss their opportunity to win the cup. Let’s start with one of the main areas of concern, the goaltending.


Right now the goaltending tandem for the Leafs consists of Jack Campbell and Petr Mrazek. As of late, there has been questionable games for both Campbell and Mrazek. Last night, the Leafs played the Red Wings and both Campbell and Mrzaek played. Together, they let in 7 goals in just 33 shots. I’m not a stats girl but I am certain the Leafs will not be winning any playoff series, let alone playoff games, with goaltending like that. A new goalie should be in the horizon for the Leafs. I would like a goalie who can play well consistently and doesn’t get hurt often.


Ah our defense. In our opinion, our defense has needed work for a long time. Many seasons I would say. I wish the Leafs played a more aggressive style of defense but instead I watch the defense play and wonder if they know which side of the ice they are supposed to be on. Sorry, harsh but our defense needs a complete shake up and I think that starts with trading Justin Holl. Another player I think we possibly should trade is Jake Muzzin. With two concussions in a relatively short period of time, I would imagine he will be on LTIR for a bit so best to trade them both in my opinion.


The Leafs are not lacking in the offensive talent department. My concern is our top forwards not showing up at their best during the playoffs. Not really sure how this can be properly addressed so it doesn’t happen again, but I do know that I physically cannot watch Mitch Marner get five delay of game penalties for shooting the puck over the glass during the 1st round of the playoffs again. The offensive skill for the Maple Leafs is unbelievable and I think if we could pick up a third or fourth line physical type player, this would really round out the team offensively.


Thanks for joining me friends on this edition of what the Leafs should do if they want to make it past the first round of the playoffs. It’s been lovely. See y’all soon, and until next time, #LeafsForever

(Featured image: nhl.com)

-Allison Smith (@allismithx0)

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