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The Rafters Pod Ep. 89: KG’s Beef With Sugar Ray


KG’s beef with “Sugar” Ray Allen is alive and well! A clip of Kevin Garnett ignoring Ray Allen at the 75th anniversary ceremony has gone viral. Allen walks by his two former Celtics superstars, right into the arms of Lebron James. All while KG was staring up at the rafters making a face. Despite a picture emerging later in the night of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce arm in arm, there is clearly still some animosity towards the retired shooting guard who left the Bean for South Beach. Justin and Liam have been watching this beef slow cook over the last decade and now it’s time to sit down and talk dinner. Is KG’s beef with Sugar Ray Allen warranted a decade later? What’s going through Paul Pierce’s mind as he tries to keep peace between the two in hopes of a full reunion one day?

The All-Star break is now behind us. Twenty-two games remain in the season and Boston stands as sixth in the East. The guys break down game by game, their predictions for the ladder part of the season. If Justin has his way, Boston will finish as an impressive 50 win team. Positioning like that could give them a favorable playoff match-up and hope for a storybook season. Up to this point supporting the Celtics has been a roller coaster. An undefeated nine game streak pre-break has injected life into this team. Momentum is high for Boston, they just need to continue to play smart basketball through their two superstars.

Lebron James Jr. has been a hot topic in the news recently. His father has made it clear that when Bronny is eligible to play in the NBA, Lebron will look to play with his son. What could this look like three years from now?

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