NFL Weekly Preview: Week 6

Patriots vs Kansas City

Remember last week when I told you that Kansas City was overrated and that they weren’t going anywhere? Well this is the game where they come back down to earth, flat on their faces. The Pats will hand the chiefs their first loss of the year. The chiefs will head back to mediocrity after that. Don’t get me wrong it should be an interesting matchup but the Pats are going to walk away with the win. It’s the kind of game that Kansas City should win because they want to prove themselves to be a legit contender, so expect them to come out on fire, but they’ll cool off pretty quickly.

Other news around the league

Antonio Brown has a lawsuit being filed against him! Apparently earlier this year Brown was having a meltdown of sorts and started throwing his furniture out of his house and almost hit a 22 month old child. The father of the child is filing a lawsuit for causing emotional distress to his child. He wants up to $15,000. Honestly I think this is ridiculous. How is a 22 month old child having emotional distress from this? If you think anything is going to come from it then you are crazy. We have players that beat the absolute shit out of their wives/girlfriends and they barely get in trouble. If you think that Antonio brown is going to get in trouble for tossing some furniture NEAR a 22 month old then you are goddamn crazy.

The Giants really suck huh? Eli has been taking some huge flak from just about everybody, and if I’m being honest I think his better days are behind him. I think it’s time the Giants moved on from him, and I also think it might be time for Eli to retire. Barkley and Odell are absolutely great talents to build around, now all they need to do is find a franchise QB.


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