Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 78

Nick’s back from Ireland and back on the show but no Jared this week. Instead, we had our usual fill-in guy and Couch Guy blogger, Connor Strayer on the show with our magic man of a producer, Pat Schofield.

We kicked off the show with the Weekly Dump and briefly broke down all of the trending topics of the week including J-Woww getting a divorce. Relevant because high school Nick and Connor might have been in love with J-Woww and now they have their shot.

And we know what happened with Conor McGregor and Khabib at UFC 229, right? The match ends and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose like it’s the WWE. The only difference is that this is real life and things got WILD. Khabib dove into the crowd and attacked McGregor’s coach. A complete brawl broke loose. We react to that and talk about who should get suspended or even arrested.

David Price is getting another start in the ALCS. Why? In game two of the ALDS, he got absolutely destroyed by the New York Yankees and we know that he’s never won in the postseason. Is it the right move to let him go again against a better team in the Astros? And regardless of the outcome, do we want him back with the Red Sox in 2019?

And finally, Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady? If you were to go forward through this season now, who would you rather have on your team to lead you to the Super Bowl?

That and more on this week’s Loose Change Podcast presented by Couch Guy Sports.

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