NFL Weekly Preview: Week 1

Buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen because not only is your favorite ginger back from his short hiatus, but it’s also the start of the NFL season. It seems like yesterday the season had just ended, and everybody was sad thinking about how long it would be before we had more football in our life, but here we are on the eve of Week 1.

I want to do a series releasing every Saturday and just discuss some topics in the NFL leading up to the games that are played on Sunday.  With this week you’ll be getting some of my season long predications. So let’s get started!

The Patriots will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl

This should come as no shock to hear this from me, because of how big of a Pats fan I am, but there really is no competition in the AFC for the Patriots. As long as the Pats have Brady and Belichick the AFC is theirs to lose.  The Steelers would be my pick to be their biggest threat but with Bell not showing up for week 1 and possibly holding out for longer, they might be a little underwhelming this year.  The Patriots offense is very thin at WR right now, but Brady has dealt with some tough WR situations before and he’ll be able to make it work, I have a lot of faith in him.

The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs

Someway, somehow, by the grace of god, the Browns are making the playoffs and you heard it here first. I’ll be rooting for the Browns all year, they have a great receiving core, which could get better if they sign Dez. They have Tyrod and Baker, and if I’m being honest I want to see Baker strut his stuff in the NFL. I think the guy will be a stud of a QB and a great leader on the field, but who knows if he’ll get any time this year. They’ll be an exciting team to watch, and they’ll make a nice push for the playoffs at the end of the season.

Nick Foles will suffer “Flacco Syndrome”

Yes, I know the Eagles won on Thursday, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nick Foles is going to be very bad this year. Joe Flacco is a pretty average QB and had one postseason where he played out of his mind. After that year people said Flacco was “elite” and he got paid like an “elite” QB too. Unfortunately he’s been absolute trash since. I believe that Nick Foles will suffer the same fate. He was amazing last year in the last few games of the regular season, and the playoffs. Unfortunately the wheels are going to fall off, and hopefully Wentz will be back sooner rather than later.

Those are just some of my quick takes before the season kicks off tomorrow! Looking forward to next week and talking about what has gone down in the NFL since!


John O’Connell
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