Patriots Week 1 Recap- The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in Miami Loss

The New England Patriots kicked off Week 1 of their 2021 NFL Season this past Sunday with a gut-wrenching 17-16 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The start marked the first for Rookie QB, Mac Jones who faired well, going 29 for 39 with 281 yards and a Touchdown.

Outside of that, there were some good, bad and ugly moments. So today, we will dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of this loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The Good: The Passing Offense and Defensive Turnaround

The Passing Offense

As I stated at the top of the article, Rookie QB, Mac Jones faired well going 29 for 39 with 281 yards and a Touchdown. Jones looked cool, calm, and poised in the pocket, and even showed some skills outside of the pocket.

ESPN reporter Mike Reiss tweeted out this stat about Jones

This stat was mind-boggling to me and showed how well Mac Jones played in his debut under pressure.

All in all, it was a decent day offensively, an offense that is expected to only get better from here. Nelson Agholor was impressive with 72 yards and a touchdown. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith came up big in some key spots towards the end of the game.

Defensive Turnaround

The defense started out the game slow, they were able to regain their feet after giving up a touchdown. From there, the Patriots D was wreaking havoc left and right on the Dolphins QB. There were a few holes here and there, I will get into that later, but all in all the secondary looked fantastic with an interception and an absolutely fantastic pass break up in the end zone by Jalen Mills.

Add the possibility of Stephon Gilmore’s possible return to the secondary, and this defense will be legit.

The Bad: Slant Coverage

I explained earlier that I would get into this, the biggest hole I noticed defensively, in what was a decent all-around defensive day was Slant Coverage.

Slant Coverage

The Patriot’s defense was torn up when it came to defending the slant. Mix that with just flat-out poor tackling after or even before the catch. It was just a brutal day for the interior defense when it came to defending the slant/flat.

The Ugly: Turnovers and Penalties for the Patriots


These two go together like PB & J. It was a rough day for the New England Patriots as a whole when it came to penalties. Racking up 8 flags for 84 yards. If anyone knows Bill, he does not like that one bit. You can expect that to be worked on majorly in the lead-up to their Week 2 game.


Speaking of things that Bill does not like, turnovers. Especially fumbles. Belichick has hammered home the fact that you have to hold on to the rock. Well, that did not happen yesterday. As the Patriots had 4 fumbles, 2 which were turned over. One of which cost the Patriots the game when RB, Damien Harris fumbled inside the 15 down 17-16.

One thing is for sure You can fully expect that it will be a focus this week, as the team will be playing with watered-down footballs in practice.

Wrapping Up a Tough Week One Loss for the Patriots

It was a gut-punch loss this week, no doubt, and the New England Patriots definitely have some work to do before next Sunday. The good news is though, these a very fixable issues. Issues that the team has every year and are able to fix, every year.

We can also look at it from a perspective that looks towards the future. This team is in good hands this season there is no doubt about that. The bright spot of the whole game was the performance of Mac Jones.

Tom E. Curran dived into how the loss will not be as relevant at the end of the season. Do you know why? Because it is only Week 1. What we should be looking at is positive that was the performance of Rookie, Mac Jones, and how the future could be very bright for this team.

So get out all your overreactions now, because this team is in good shape. A lot of seasons left in what should be an exciting season for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots will travel to New Jersey to face the New York Jets next Sunday at 1 pm on CBS

Check back next week for my Week 2 recap!

Jeff Hoak (@JeffHoak1)

Featured Image: Eric J. Adler and Patriots.com

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