NFL Is Ready to Roll

Head Coach Tests Positive

Training Camp has officially begun across the league. This week starts the uphill battle between the NFL and the infamous Covid-19 virus. As players begin to opt out of the 2020 season the playing field continues to even out across the league. The season of uncertainty begins with former Super Bowl winning Head Coach Doug Pederson testing positive for the virus. Pederson is the first coach to test positive during camp. Saints veteran Head Coach Sean Payton tested positive back in March. It seems as if the NFL is going to do everything in its power to get the fans a season. The NBA and NHL using the bubble method have had the most success in professional sports. Opposed to the MLB, that is still involving travel on an almost daily basis. The NFL operation will replica the MLB more than the NBA/NHL due to the simple fact they will not be using a bubble. So far, professional sports has shown that the bubble creates an environment of isolation. This seems to be the only way to stay safe from this super contagious virus.

In or Out

All other major sports leagues are aware that the NFL is king. This $15 Billion dollar industry plans to put football out for fans across the world no matter what the risk is. The correct way to approach this season is allowing the players to opt in or out. That gives every single player in the league the chance to not participate in the 2020 season with absolutely no penalty at all. Every NFL team will be left with a roster full of players who are all in. All distractions of not wanting to play this year will be left at the door so each and every team can be locked in and ready for week one. Coaches need to have all of their players on the same page if they plan on having any success this fall in between the lines on the gridiron.

What to Expect

Baseball, hockey, and basketball professional leagues all have one major thing in common. Teams across the leagues play games almost everyday. However, football is a once a week sport. This allows the maximum amount of time for players and coaches to recover from any positive Covid-19 tests. If a head coach or starting quarterback tests positive there is a great chance they miss only one game, two at maximum. Injuries occur at any given time and this virus will be very similar. The virtual off season was a first for all teams this spring and summer. But, once a player or coach tests positive they will be able to stay in the loop of the day to day operations of their team. All personnel is capable of staying in sync with the team due to the additions of all the necessary virtual equipment they needed for this past off season.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)

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