Bubble Woes?

Alright, the honeymoon is officially over about sports being back and the lack of criticism given to our hometown teams. It’s time for us as fans to be critical of our teams. I’m not going to talk about the Red Sox…. They suck so bad!! Their pitching is so bad that I could pitch. It is not worth my time and energy to talk about them. On the other hand, the Bruins and Celtics since the restart have been shaky. Is it time to press the panic button? Let’s take a look:


When they traveled to the bubble, every expert, fan and probably the locker room could all agree that our chances rested on Jayson Tatum and the status of Kemba Walker’s knee. Since the restart, Kemba’s knee has responded well and he has played lights out. Look for him to more than likely be a force in the playoffs. Tatum with the exemption of the Bucks game has also been outstanding(minus the foul trouble). As you read this, you are probably thinking “well this isn’t critical this is hopeful”; and for that I say NOT SO FAST my friend! The Celtics since the start of the bubble have been inconsistent with slow starts against the Bucks and Heat; then adding the lack of focus against the Trailblazers that caused them to blow a 24 point lead. Even though there are bright spots; there is a lack of focus, preparation issues and defensive communication issues. I know there is an adjustment period to the bubble. But if these issues don’t get fixed, then Celtics will have an early exit from the bubble. But luckily, I think these issues can be fixed on the quest to banner 18.


I’m going to be honest and say something that nobody is willing to put on the record. The Bruins have been a complete mess since the team practice began back in early July. From Pasta and Kase’s shenanigans on Hanover Street, to Pasta’s incident at Malden ice hockey rink which led both of them into quarantine. Once they arrived at the bubble, they looked out of place. I understand there is an adjustment period to the bubble, but still they look disinterested, slow, and rusty. From the exhibition against the Blue Jackets to the 1st period of the Lightning game, they look like what I just previously mentioned.

I know they played like themselves in that second and third period against Lightning, but they did lose. While it might not be the right time to do this, I am going to do this anyways. I am calling out the Bruins lack of interest at certain points. I am calling out the Bruins, because I know how good this team can be. If the Bruins lose on Sunday, they could be the four seed and have to possibly play the Penguins in the first round. That’s not a first round matchup that we want folks. Unless this team can flip a switch, (which is very possible) it could be time to worry. But it may be time to panic because this could be the beginning of the end of what was a great season before shut down. 

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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