Should the Chiefs Give Patrick Mahomes a $200 Million Contract?

A report surfaced last week that the Chiefs are willing make Patrick Mahomes the first $200 million man. Teams are allowed to offer extensions to players on their rookie contracts after their third season. Mahomes just finished his second year so he isn’t eligible yet. But is it ridiculous to put that much money into one player?

If they are willing to put that much money into Mahomes, then we can assume it’s probably a five or six year deal worth $33-40 million per year. Mahomes obviously had a great year, throwing for 50 TDs and over 5000 yards. But did he make plays because he’s great or did he make plays because of the system he’s in?

I think it’s a little of both. Patrick Mahomes obviously has tremendous physical talent, with a rocket arm and great mobility. But many of his touchdown throws were one of two things: Either a quick route like a shovel pass or screen or a deep ball to someone like Tyreek Hill. While Mahomes still needs to make these throws, they aren’t throws that are overly difficult for an above average NFL quarterback. Alex Smith was able to make those throws last year and no one would argue that he’s worth $200 million. While I think Mahomes is a talented quarterback, preparing to offer him the largest contract ever seems a bit like an overreaction after one season. He slowed down later in the season once teams started to see some tape on him.

I’m not saying that Mahomes is bad or isn’t a franchise quarterback. He’s going to get a huge contract and he deserves it. But he’s not going to put up 5000 yards and 50 TDs every year. The Chiefs need to pump the brakes before they decide to put huge money into someone who might have been an anomaly this year. I get that they still have another year before they give him this money but putting it out there now could hurt them come negotiations. If Mahomes is expecting $200 million but the Chiefs only offer him $150 million, he might get upset and walk, costing the Chiefs a franchise quarterback.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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