Believe in Balor

It’s no secret that Finn Balor is by far my favorite WWE superstar. For quite some time now he has been swept under the rug to the mid-card, and has spent some time with meaningless rivalries and matches. One thing that we’re reminded of every time Finn comes to the ring is that he was the first Universal Champion. He had to relinquish the title due to injury and never saw the same respect. On Sunday at the Royal Rumble, he has a chance to take back his crown, if he can dethrone the beast. So is it time to believe in Balor?

Finn Balor is most well known for his alter ego as well. For huge matches or special events, Finn taps into his alter ego as the Demon. He is much more powerful and fast, and is currently undefeated as the Demon. Most fans, including myself, were hoping Finn would use this alter ego in his match with Brock. In a recent interview, Finn said he wasn’t going to wrestle as the demon, but as the man himself. Last night on Raw, Vince McMahon said he didn’t believe in Finn. With The Royal Rumble less than a week away, and the Demon not showing up, is it time for Finn to shine on his own?

Brock Lesnar doesn’t have much time left on his contract, and he still very much intends to return to the UFC. His two most recent title reigns have been beyond lackluster and annoyed a lot of fans. While the WWE says they’re listening to what the fans want, this is the truest test thus far. Last night on Raw, Finn had an incredible showing against Braun Strowman. Not only was he able to hang with the “monster among men”, Brock was at ringside the whole time. Finn was able to battle Braun while also creating a lot of offense against Brock. Finn hit his finisher before Brock interfered and cost the match. With such a great showing last night, Brock leaving sooner than later, and the direction of the company… I think it’s time to believe in Balor.

-Joe Pegoraro

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