Jayson Tatum Claims Celtics Will Win NBA Finals This Year

What a weekend it was for Jayson Tatum during the NBA’s annual All-Star weekend.

Skills Competition Winner

First, he made an improbable comeback against Trae Young in the Skills Competition, becoming the first Celtic ever to win the event.

Comments on Celtics Playoff Run

Then, he comes out and says that the Celtics are going to not only GET to the finals this year, but they are going to WIN them too.

Thoughts On His Comments

Looks, I LOVE the confidence that Tatum has in his group. I really do love it. But, the team that we saw over the first 58 games this season doesn’t look like a championship contender. You can’t lose to teams like the Lakers and the Clippers and have to come back against teams like the Suns and then expect to be in the Finals. Sure, they beat teams like Toronto and Milwaukee at home. Sure, they own the 76ers (YES, they really do) every time they match up. Yes, they even match up well with the Warriors. But, this team needs to play a lot better over the next 24 games to prove me wrong.

In Conclusion

Anything can happen in sports when the playoffs come around. The Celtics could finish the season on a 20-4 tear and finish winning close to 60 games. They can roll into the playoffs and then find themselves where people expected them to be: in the Finals. But for right now, they need to prove they can play together like they did last season. Play with some consistency and then that’s a good starting point. I definitely love Jayson Tatum’s comments and confidence, but let’s get something going to end the season first.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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