NBA Season Right Around the Corner

We are less than one week until the NBA regular season resumes play, and players are excited to get back to competitive basketball. Last time, we saw these players competing was on March 11th after Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the Coronavirus.

That feels like a lifetime ago. I cannot believe the NBA hasn’t played a game in almost four months. Those were some tough times as an NBA fan.

This past week, we have experienced scrimmages from the players and got the opportunity to see what the game is going to be like without fans. Honestly, it is not the worst thing when it comes to no fans. As for the games, as long they are competitive, and the product on the floor is right, it will be a successful ending to the 2019-2020 NBA season despite the pandemic that’s happening around the world.

It is going to be one of the hardest championships any team has to go through. I mean, any team could win. There are no fans as well as no travel. Every team has a shot, and you usually couldn’t say that when it came to the NBA. I’m excited about this resume and what’s going to happen. My hope is this resume will be one of the best basketball we have ever seen in a long time.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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