The Owners Are At It Again

Major league baseball is finally back or scheduled to be back with players reporting “spring training” starting on Monday. The MLBPA and Owners spent the last few months fighting over a contract to return to play. These discussions mostly revolved around the fact that the owners and league decided that there will not be fans in the stands for the 2020 season.  Once they finally agreed to a deal. Suddenly that changed.

I Hate The Owners

Reports are starting to come out that “Fans being in the stands is not being ruled out.” You have to be kidding me. This is precisely what delayed the season for months. When we say the owners don’t care about the players and only care about the bottom line, this is a prime example of it. I don’t know what the owners don’t understand about the fact that the players make or break your league. The players are people too, and when you screw around with people’s livelihoods, it usually backfires in a big way. Any hope the owners had of not having a holdout or a brutal collective bargaining agreement dispute when it runs out after next year just went completely out the window with these reports.

This Can’t Happen…Right?

Besides the obvious reasons why it can’t happen, there are more non-obvious ones. The main one being the fact that there is no way one stadium can allow it and not the others; It is all or nothing. How would that affect the competitive balance between the league? It just simply could not happen. If you need more evidence of why look at Florida’s confirmed corona cases in the last week. I rest my case.


The owners are the worst type of people! Those greedy A-holes don’t care about anyone or anything and only care about saving a buck. They are manipulative slim balls. This better not happen. As much as I’d kill to pay for an overpriced hot dog and beer while sitting in tiny seats that barely fit a child, it is out of the question. I miss summer nights at Fenway, but it is just not a smart move, and the owners will never live this down if it happens. IF it does, the players should strike. Anyways can you guys tell I love the owners?

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