NBA Finals Preview

Tonight at 9, the Miami Heat take on the heavily favorited LA Lakers in a NBA Finals no one predicted.  I wrote a blog back in July praising the Heat for being a title contender, and it looks like they were the whole time.  But anyway, tonight we could see one of the better basketball finals I can remember.  The last great basketball final I can remember involved the Heat and Lebron vs. those Spurs teams that just battled.

When I say basketball final I mean the best series to give us actual basketball not just running and gunning.  But anyway, here are my predictions and things to look out for.

Things to look for

This season the Heat were 0-2 against Lebron and Co. with their first loss coming only by 3 points compared to their second meeting by 15.  This has no affect at all on Miami.  We saw how they struggled against Boston in the regular season to only dominate them when it mattered.  With that said, I think we are going to see the same exact thing here.  The Heat don’t remember the regular season at all and this whole underdog vibe is really playing into them.  The Lakers, on the other hand, have everything to lose.  Nothing would look worse for Lebron than losing to a team that frankly shouldn’t even be there.  But they are, and as a fan I am rooting for the Heat to win this thing.  But the matchups… favor the Heat.  I say that because I watched both of these teams play live.  Miami, regardless of record, is a lot better than the Lakers.  The Lakers literally have no depth, something Miami has a lot of.  This is the whole reason how they beat Boston so easily.  They can afford to play 8-9 guys in a deep playoff series, whereas the Lakers really only have Lebron and AD.  I really want to see how the Lakers can keep up with the Heat’s depth and strong defensive schemes.

Matchups for each team to win

The matchups for each team to win are going to be crucial.  The Heat need to either take out Lebron or AD, can’t allow both of them to destroy you.  If I was to take a guess, they are going to stop Lebron and allow AD and company to beat them.  “Now John how can they stop Lebron?” Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley know Lebron better than any duo in the NBA and they have the players to stop him.  Whether it’s Crowder or Iggy or even Jimmy Butler, they have guys who can bump and bruise Lebron.  Which then would leave them with AD and the shitty supporting cast.  I think Bam Adebayo and AD honestly cancel each other out in this series.  Just the way they play will cancel them out.  Whether AD has more points or more rebounds in one game, then Bam will do that in game two so they will cancel out.  The Lakers have no one to matchup with against the Heat.  So let’s say Lebron takes out Butler and Crowder and AD and Bam cancel.  I’m still taking the Heat role players over the Lakers.

My Prediction

I have been high on the Heat all season and I can’t back away from that now.  They have all the momentum, a better coach, and more depth.  This is something the Lakers are going to struggle with.  All the teams the Lakers have played have had no depth and no coach is close to the greatness of Spoelstra.  As much as I think the NBA is going to try and push the Lakers and Lebron’s fourth, the Heat just don’t give a fuck.  Miami in 6!  Can’t let it get to 7 because LeBron’s got that.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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