Jake DeBrusk Looks For A Big Raise As Entry Level Contract Expires

Jake DeBrusk’s entry level contract is set to expire as the 23 year old looks to get a hefty raise. DeBrusk is looking to strike gold, while the Boston Bruins are wanting to negotiate a bridge deal at a lower AAV.

DeBrusk, drafted 14th overall in the infamous 2015 NHL Entry Draft, broke into the NHL in 2017-18, and has basically been glued to David Krejci’s LW ever since. The Edmonton native has skated in 203 NHL games, amassing 62 Goals and 120 points. Jake set a season high for goals in a season with 27 in the 2018-19 season.

Jake DeBrusk has been a very streaky player, where he’d go 10 games with a goal in 9 of them, but then would follow that up by laying a goose egg and looking almost lost for the next 15 games. The streakiness issue causes worry to arise when paying a player a premium to score goals.

Trading Jake DeBrusk is absolutely the last and most certainly worst case scenario for the B’s, as losing a promising young forward from an aging top 6 could end up costing them in the long run. There have been rumors on twitter regarding teams calling Don Sweeney regarding the availability of the young winger. As expected, there’s little interest by management to move the player. As an RFA, without arbitration rights, Jake and his agent don’t have much leverage, and the Bruins know that.

A bridge deal would benefit both sides immensely. The Bruins are in the midst of a cap crunch, and with a lot of money coming off the books in these next coming years, having Jake take a bridge deal at a lower AAV would help them weather the storm that is their cap space. This also benefit’s Jake, as a 3 or 4 year bridge deal will set him very close to becoming an unrestricted free agent at the end of this deal, where he would be able to have more leverage and maybe, sign with another team that offers him more money.

Bradley’s Takeaway

Jake DeBrusk is still very young, with a lot to improve within his style of play, having already solidified himself on Krejci’s LW, he is of immense importance to this team moving forward. He may be insanely streaky, but he still finishes with respectable numbers. With plenty of time to grow and improve, maybe he will turn his 27 goals into 40. Is that a certainty? No, but scoring 27 goals as a 22 year old is very promising and the B’s should do whatever they can to ensure Jake DeBrusk is a Boston Bruin as he enters his prime.

If negotiations take a while, and extend out until close to the start of next season, don’t be surprised. Remember, David Pastrnak’s negotiations took a few months to sort out.

My guess is that Jake DeBrusk will sign a 3 year, $12.375M deal, which would carry an AAV of $4.125M. I think that is a very solid deal for both sides. Here’s hoping DeBrusk is able to shake off some of that inconsistency for this upcoming season.

-Bradley Whitesell (Bradiey98)

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