Could The Miami Heat Surprise Everyone And Win A Championship?

With the NBA Orlando Bubble set to tip off at the end of the month, there are plenty of surprises and “what if’s” flying around the basketball world. The most important surprise being “who’s playing?” and “how will these teams adjust?” But if there was to be one true dark horse to shock the world and win a championship, who would it be? I think the answer is easy and it’s one of the more underrated/least talked about teams in the league – the Miami Heat.

Before the Stoppage

Before the stoppage, Miami was 4th in the East with a record of 41-24. This was only 3 behind Boston and a team who went 6-4 in there last 10.  But the big thing about the Heat is that they were 3-0 against the Bucks and Raptors this season. Plus, all three wins came pretty handily. The only team they struggled against was the Celtics. But if they can avoid the Celtics in the second round, who’s not to say they don’t pull off an upset in the ECF?  Ideally, the ECF is going to be between the Bucks-Celtics.  But Miami has already beaten the Bucks twice this season. Plus, we all know that Giannis has struggled in the playoffs.  Something Miami isn’t known for.

Miami has a tough Orlando schedule. But, if they win the games they should, they could be 7-1 with their only loss coming to Boston. But the question is can they beat Boston if they met in the ECF? I think Miami is a LOT deeper than most teams in the NBA, and most certainly deeper than Boston. People might forget that they made two big acquisitions in Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder and not to mention Goran Dragic is back to being healthy. Also they have some of the best rookies in the league with Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro, and even though Duncan Robinson isn’t a rookie this is most certainly is coming out year. Same goes for Bam Adebayo. Those know me know how much I love this guy as a player, who is extremely talented and underrated. Then not to forget about Derrick Jones Jr, Kelly Olynyk and Meyers Leonard who are all great role players.

Final Thought

I would not take the Miami Heat easy when play returns. They have a really good team and can make a run if they play the way they are capable of.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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